What is living RAW?

RAW; Real And Whole.

It's not a diet. It's not a program. It's not a 'one-size fit's all' approach. It's about being REAL and WHOLE with yourself in all aspects of life. It's about being in tune with your body and taking control of your health and happiness. We all come from different roots and need different things in order to thrive. Living RAW is a way of looking at yourself for who you are and figuring out what is best for you instead of following a strict set of rules and comparing ourselves to others.

REAL. Being real with yourself and with others. Eat real food, drink real liquids, think and speak real thoughts, do what is going to make you feel real, whole, and alive.

WHOLE. Be a whole human. Eat whole foods. Be fully present with others and yourself. Living whole is doing what makes you happy and committing, wholeheartedly, to that happiness.  

We choose and create our own paths, so why not choose to live RAW?