Hi! I'm Kelsey Ortlieb.

I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) through the Nutritional Therapy Association. I am a lover of nutrition and education which is why I am so happy I finally took the leap into becoming a certified NTP. My goal is to share how nutrient dense foods can not only fuel our bodies but heal us from the inside out. The most powerful medicine is right under our noses (literally), FOOD. Along with nutrition, I am extremely passionate about moving our bodies and growing our minds. Learning to heal our mind, body, and soul through mindset, movement and nutrition will lead us toward becoming our happiest and healthiest selves and I am here to aid in that process.

A little more about my story...

I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania but am currently living in the East Bay Area in Northern California. I grew up as a very active kid, trying just about every sport out there until my later years where I focused in on swimming. I continue to love to move my body and most of my work outs consist of CrossFit. CrossFit has taught me so much about myself. It has showed me how strong and powerful both physically and mentally I am. It's given me courage and self-confidence that I was searching for for quite some time. However, I do feel its important for me to vary my routines which is why I enjoy hiking, yoga, rock climbing from time to time and am really down to try anything new. 

I wasn't always as happy and confident as I am in myself, my body, and my abilities as I am now. It took a lot of stupid "dieting," spending hours upon hours working out and thinking less of myself because I ate that extra brownie to realize that this can't be what living is all about.  I was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted from lack of nutrition and self-care. It didn't happen over night and it's something I'm constantly working on. It took a lot of perspective changing and learning how to change the way I talked to myself. If you have ever felt this way, I'm here to tell you that you are not alone and there is hope. The cool thing is, it's already inside you, we just have to figure out how to unleash it! At the end of the day, food is just food and we need to stop letting it control and consume us. Life is truly a balancing act. Treating yourself from time to time is good for the soul and should never be shamed. 

I believe in living RAW (Real And Whole) and try to incorporate this into every aspect of my life. I believe in real, whole, nutrient dense, local, seasonal, and sustainable eating and therefore follow a PaleoISH lifestyle. But basically it comes down to I eat what works well for ME and MY body and am constantly testing what works well for me. I believe it's important to be in tuned with your body in order to know it's wants and needs and to be able to nourish it the best you can. I believe in moving my body on a regular basis. I believe in order to be happy and healthy we must be gentle and kind with ourselves. A positive mind leads to a positive lifestyle. 

I hope you find comfort in my writing and that I can empower you to unleash your happiest and healthiest self.

Kelsey :)


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